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Bison Marrow Bones

Bison Marrow Bones

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Small (4pc), Medium (2pc), or Large (1pc)

**This is a recreational bone and is not meant to be consumed. Take the RDBK bone quiz for a list of recommended bone options based on your pet’s size and chew style.**

Chewing on bones and connective tissues helps to prevent plaque build-up and keep your pet's gums healthy. Feeding raw bones is a great way to add to their dental care routines, provide mental stimulation and exercise, and is a great source of calcium.

Size recommendation:

  • Small Bison Femurs: Small dogs <25 lb
  • Medium: Medium dogs 25-60 lb
  • Large: Large dogs >60lbs
  • Always choose a bone larger than your pet’s mouth capacity.
  • Best suited for gentle chewers.

Always supervise your pet when feeding any bone!

Please see our guide on Safely Feeding Raw Bones for information on how to pick an appropriate bone, how to safely feed raw bones, and what risks are associated with feeding raw bones. 

Ingredients: Bison Femur
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