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Boar & Botanical Blend (Cat)

Boar & Botanical Blend (Cat)

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Botanical Blends are uniquely formulated for all life stages of cats. These 99% pure protein botanical blends are made with everything your cat needs to thrive, including natural hydration for improved kidney and urinary health

Botanical blends are an excellent option for all cats but especially beneficial for picky eaters and allergenic cats.


Double ground boar, heart, liver; botanical blend of seeds, roots and grasses consisting of: dandelion leaves, lemon grass, parsley, burdock root, oat straw, kelp, Omega 3 old water, cold pressed fish oil (18 DHA, 12 EPA), calcium carbonate

Nutritional Analysis

per kg

  • Moisture77.40%
  • Protein15.90%
  • Phosphorus0.20%
  • Calcium0.4%
  • Ash1.9%
  • Fat4.90%
  • Fibre<1.0%
  • Calories951 (kcal/kg)
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